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Referenced agency or institution

Huffington Post

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression:

CineClub Montreal

Lyric Theatre Singers

Andrew Burlone, manager

7 Wonders Theatre members

CBC news

The Star

Yvan Sabourin

Referenced persons

Haidee Wasson

Masha Salazkina

Jean-Claude Bustros

Graham Carr

John Logan

Peter Giser

Bob Bachelor

Thomas Waugh

Jon Jost

Andrew Burlone, manager

Chris Barillaro

Katherine Fournier

Justin Muniz

Tarik Azgui

Timothy Adams

Danielle Hoyt

Mary Fech

James Fech

Ian Burke

Marie Alexiou


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Smith, M. D., Grov, C., Seal, D. W., & McCall, P. (2013). A social-cognitive analysis of how young men become involved in male escorting. Journal of sex research, 50(1), 1–10.

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